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Welcome to Emory Catering by Bon Appétit, where accomplished chefs and event planning professionals work in close partnership with you to customize your event, providing the highest level of food quality and service to assure the success of your special occasion.

The team from Emory Catering believes that the cuisine featured at your affair should exceed the diverse expectations of your guests. Our sole commitment is to the Emory community, offering hand-crafted, contemporary cuisine, and thoughtful service. The menus presented on the following pages represent some of our most popular selections, and these are just a sampling of what we can offer. Should your event require more unique services or special dietary considerations, we will tailor our offerings to meet your needs. We continually develop menus and events incorporating regional preference and cutting edge culinary trends. We appreciate your business and will cater to insure your event is memorable, from beginning to end.

Our Mission

Ensure the best dining experience possible for our guests. Create and offer services that contribute to a more pleasant way of life for our customers, clients, and employees wherever and whenever they come together. We dedicate ourselves to providing a better way of life. We create environments that support social growth, a dining experience that broadens horizons, and as your campus dining provider, our sole commitment is to the students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni of Emory University. We help sculpt campus communities that capture the hearts and fuel the minds of each and every guest to Emory University.

The following steps will help you through the process of organizing your special function.


Arranging & Reserving a Date

The first steps in planning your event are reserving your room and arranging for any special needs such as tables & chairs, podium & microphone, stage, audio-visual equipment, or alcohol approval. Please note that with the exception of Cox Hall Ballroom and Facilities Management should be contacted for all table, chair, staging, and audio visual needs. (404-727-7463)

Our event professionals will be happy to assist you in estimating the number of tables your event will need for your guests, as well as for catering set-ups.

To Contact Emory Catering

Phone:............................................................... 404-712-8948

Email:................................................................ catering@emory.edu

To provide the best quality service, we request a ten-day advance notice of your event. If you have needs that are more immediate, please give us a call. We continually strive to provide the best service and will accommodate special requests whenever possible. Additional fees may apply.

The better we understand your event, the better we can meet and exceed your expectations.


When ordering, please help us understand your event:

1. Day and Date of your event
2. Beginning and Ending Time
3. Location
4. Contact Information: Name, Address, Phone & Email
5. Guest Count
6. Department
7. Speed type (preferred) or Credit Card
8. Menu Requests & Special Dietary needs
9. VIP Guests Attending
10. Program or Agenda


For every event, we will email a confirmation detailing the service time, menu, location, charges, and other specific details. Please review these confirmations carefully and notify the catering office with any changes. We try to be as accurate as possible; to ensure accuracy and to avoid any delay, please review the details of your event carefully before providing final confirmation. An order minimum of $250 is required for all orders on Emory Campus, and an order minimum of $500 for orders going to Emory Hospital, Emory Healthcare locations and off campus events. If your order total does not meet the minimum amount, a delivery fee will be assessed for the difference or may be picked up by the client at our facility.  


Changes, Guarantees and Cancellations


The expected count you give us should be as accurate as possible when ordering. The catering department will plan; purchase and bill for all the guests you indicate will attend.

Final Counts
Final counts must be guaranteed by 2 pm, 5 business days in advance excluding weekends. There will be a full price charge for no-shows or cancellations within 72 hours of the event.

Cancellation Fees
In the case where an event cancels within 7 days of the event, all costs incurred by Emory Catering are subject to be passed to client.

Late Orders

Emory Catering welcomes last minute orders; however, they are subject to availability and will assess a late order charge. In the case where special product orders need to be made in order to accommodate a last minute request, any additional costs incurred will be charged to the guest.

  • 24 hours or less - $125
  • 48 hours - $75
  • 72 hours- $50  


Accepted forms of payment will be University Speed Type or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) All orders must be accompanied by a payment information at the time the order is placed.

Clients paying by Credit Card are required to provide payment in full 72 hours in advance of event. External events not charged to a University Speed Type account or sponsored by the University will require an initial non-refundable deposit of 50%, with the remaining 50% due 72 hours prior to event. All deposits will be applied to the final balance. Georgia sales tax will also apply to all catered events.


Written requests for donations should be directed to:

Bon Appétit at Emory University
Catering Director
569 Asbury Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322

Organizations interested in donations are invited to share information about themselves and their programs by submitting no more than one page describing their organization and project, emphasizing the need that it addresses. There are no submission deadlines, but donation requests should be a minimum of 30 days prior to event. All written requests should be on departmental letterhead and signed by an official of said organization.

Included with your service

Emory Catering guide menus and pricing are intended for two hours of service for all University sponsored events. Additional cost per service hour of $25 per hour, per attendant will be assessed for each additional hour. Large events or those with many elements may require additional service, production or delivery fees and are not included in this guide. We welcome the opportunity to be part of these events and will assist you with the planning from start to end.  Contact the catering department for customized menus and current pricing.

With plated service, all courses are pre-selected, pre-plated, and served to your guests at their tables. Plated service is only available at our highest level of service, Presidential,  and requires linen, flatware, china, glassware and one wait staff for approximately every 10 to 12 guests. When you need to meet the needs of diverse palettes and require variety in your menu, your best bet is buffet service. Whether you are planning a basic deli, themed BBQ, or elegant wedding, buffet service will offer you a variety of selections and presentations, allowing your guests to help themselves to an array of choices. Buffet service requires a minimum of 15 guests, and is available at all levels of service: express, upscale disposable and presidential. Buffet service at the Presidential level requires linen, flatware, china and one wait staff for every 32 guests. In compliance with University fire codes, all hot buffets require staffing.


Express Service food and beverage tables may be draped at an additional charge for each 6-8ft floor length linen.

Upscale Disposable Service food and beverage tables will be draped with house linen at no additional charge. Guest seating, registration, or display tables may be draped with house or rental linen for an additional fee. Fees based on size, color, and availability.  Linen rental available with orders containing food and beverage.

Presidential Service tables will be draped with elegant rental linens. Linen fees based on size, color, and availability.

Any linens removed from an event, not returned, or returned damaged, will be charged full replacement costs.



Attendants are required on any china buffet or served meal, and are highly recommended on any buffet in excess of 35 people. Additional staffing such as bartenders, on site chefs, and additional attendant fees are based on menu and beverage offerings, guest count and length of the event.

Catering Equipment

As the host of the catered event, you are responsible for the equipment we have provided for the service. Non-disposable equipment, such as chafing dishes, coffee pots, serving utensils, etc., are the property of Emory Catering, and must be kept secure by the client until they are picked up by our staff. Full replacement costs will be incurred for any missing or damaged equipment.

Food Safety

To ensure food safety and sanitation for customers and guests, a catering representative will remove all items in a timely manner. We uphold company, local, and state food and safety regulations and therefore clients and guests may not remove food not consumed from your event.


Delivery is available from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. When arranging for delivery, please allow sufficient time for our personnel to set-up, and inform us of a period of time in which the room will be accessible for clean-up following your event. Additional fees may apply to deliveries prior to 7:00 am and following 7:00 pm. 

Multiple attempts at clean up service may also incur additional charges.


Pick up Service

Pickup Service from the sales office in Cox Hall or loading dock may be arranged by calling the Catering Office at 404-712-8948. You are responsible for the prompt return of equipment that has been used for your event. Additional fees may apply for pick-up service prior to 7:00am and following 7:00pm. Any equipment not returned or returned damaged will be charged at full replacement cost.

Alcohol Beverage Service
(University Sponsored Events Only)

Bar service will be provided in strict accordance with the State of Georgia, Dekalb County, and University Alcohol Policy. Refer to http://www.emory.edu/dining/catering_policies.php for Emory University Alcohol policy rules and regulations.

The client is responsible for all purchases of beer, wine and alcohol. An Emory Catering bartender will serve alcohol at a ratio of one for every 75 guests. The charge is $250 per 2 hour/per bartender.

• Alternative non-alcoholic beverages must be available and hors d’oeuvres or other food in substantial quantities, as determined by Emory Catering, must be available.

• Individuals visibly intoxicated will not be permitted to enter or will be asked to leave.

• No alcoholic beverages will be served to any person who is under twenty-one years of age or who is visibly intoxicated. Proof of age will be required. Please advise your attendees to be prepared to produce appropriate identification, if asked.

• No alcoholic beverages shall be dispensed from kegs or barrels. When serving wine with dinner, no carafes, decanters or wine bottles are permitted on the table. The wait staff will be responsible for pouring the wine during dinner.

• Alcoholic beverages can only be served when the University is the sponsor and social host of the event. This requires that University funds (charged to a University speed-type) be used to pay for the purchase and serving of alcoholic beverages. No alcoholic beverages will be sold in any manner, including by use of tickets or donations.

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